What is LoanCryptoBank?

We are a service that provides reliable Loans secured by your Cryptocurrency. With our help, you will be able to get funds for the desired purchase or investment of any kind, without losing your Crypto-savings.

How long will it take to receive a Loan?

We immediately review the applications received. Nevertheless, the time required for the execution of a Loan depends on the characteristics of your individual case.

What determines the term of the Loan and the interest rate?

We will offer you the optimal Loan term during the application processing. At the same time, you as a Creditor can choose the interest rate that suits your needs.

In what currency can I get a Loan?

We give you the opportunity to independently choose the appropriate currency from the three options provided: UAH, EUR, USD. For a detailed examination of an individual request, we suggest using the services of the Loan calculator.

How can a sharp drop in the rate of a Cryptocurrency affect a Loan?

Perhaps, the most optimal option would be a guaranteed return of funds after the sale of collateral in the open market. The possibility of refinancing also remains valid.

How can I get the money?

We will transfer the respective amount directly to your bank account. This method is the most effective and reliable.

Is there a risk for you?

You will not face any risks, given that all obligations relevant to the Loan will be met in full.

For what purposes can I get a Loan?

Unlike most banks, we do not intend to exert pressure by limiting our framework. Therefore, you can get a Loan for any purpose, as long as it does not conflict with relevant legislation in place.